Hello all! What’s up? Hope everyone is well.

Well, let me just share that Army of One received a very, very pleasant surprise today. While casually surfing the Internet this morning, I dropped by Bootleg Radio‘s website to find what’s up with these guys. Interestingly, a listener of Bootleg posted on our band’s FB wall the other night to say he got-“LSS” by our carrier single HANGING ON. To those who don’t know, Bootleg is an Internet-based radio station that caters to the music of the indie artists.

Going back, I got the best news of the day when I saw on Bootleg Radio that Army of One is nominated for Artist of the Month (March 2012). Whoa! That was totally unexpected.

Though we’re currently on second place, there is still time to catch up to get to the top. Would you like to help us become this month’s Artist of the Month? Here’s how:

1. Visit www.bootleg-radio.com.
2. Sign up as a User and enter your details.
3. Activate the link that will be sent to your e-mail.
4. Sign-in and click “Vote for Artist of the Month” logo (lower right of page)
5. Click “A” from the Artist listing, look for ARMY OF ONE on page 2.
6. Click “Vote”

That’s it! Thanks so much in advance in behalf of all the whole Army. We will keep on rockin’ for GOD’s glory and renown. After all, this is all about HIM. 🙂

God bless,

Ian delos Santos